Jacob Marshall

Jacob is a multitalented musician who can play a dozen instruments. Jacob Is a visionary and activist for freedom, peace, and creating realistic solutions for the challenges our world is faced with. From Environmental, Renewable energy/ sustainability, social/economic justice, ridding the world of poverty consciousness and standing up for human rights. Jacob uses music as a vehicle for transformation, inspiration, and a catalyst for change!!! Blending Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop, Reggae, R and B, Rock, Blues, Electronic, Tribal, and Natural Harmonic Resonance to name a few!!! Jacob’s style is raw, original, eclectic and fresh. His methods of music composition and production are genuine and unique, fueled by talent, passion and spirit!! Jacob played at the epic 2012 Synthesis Festival in Mexico where he released the Album (Lifting the Veil) by Spiridessence !! He is currently working with Quasi Sonus a live Electronic, Ambient, Lounge project blending live instruments with electronic and digital music to create truly mind altering music and a live show you won’t forget!! Jacob is excited to be collaborating and working with Gamma Da Kid on the Rize Up Project!!!  “Music is life, it is a state of being, its bigger than me, Rize Up is a Movement”

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