IMG_6840Gamma DA Kidd the prince of the bay founder of Chain Gang-Royal FAMILY one of the hottest if not thee hottest on the Richmond Bay Area, under ground rap scene’ I’ve been rapping for 13 years since I was about twelve years old. My Big cousin B-Dub who is apart of the super rap group Mob, C.I.N was a big part of my motivation along with 2pac, Biggie, E40 and my big brother Charles Ray Pearson, who also rap and sing. When my brother was brutally murdered by a Avg player hater. That kind of stuff happen all the time were I’m from and when I lost my brother I felt like I lost a big part of me also, being raised in a city like Richmond CA could be real ruff it could make you are break you, And I no with my God given gift with music & acting etc etc my plans is to be able to show my family something other than the ghetto’ B-DuB from mob cin who is my big cousin had currently wanted me to be the main focus of a family owned underground Entertainment label. Which B-DuB was the CEO. Artist and I was the franchise Kid /artist were we was gone flood the rap game with nothing but hot tracks.But something terrible happen that left my cousin in jail facing life and Gamma by his self. But every thing happen for a reason I like to say and why the Lord gave me this gift, mind and heart


Music influences for gamma: 2pac, Biggie, Jay Z, Bob Marley, Nas, 50cent, Lil Wayne.
Favorite colors: blue, red, black.
Favorite movies: Titanic, Five Heartbeats, to name a few.
Favorite songs: Dear Momma by 2pac because to be raised in our society with the dynamics we deal with and the love he had for his mother was so powerful it leaked through the track same as Brenda’s Got A Baby classic tracks by 2pac and he teaches through every song.
Zodiac sign: I’m a Capricorn the worlds best cap:) and I love all signs;).


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